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Covid support for Darjeerling Province - Jesu Niketan

Most of us will be well aware of the impact that the Pandemic has had on UK schools and the great efforts made by teaching staff to ensure that all pupils kept up to date with their studies. Please read Fr Vincent's Report below which confirms that we are all in this together and, as India is now gripped by a very serious third wave of Covid 19, we at the Nevett Fund worked hard to raise extra funds to send to schools and families of Jesu Niketan.

"Dear Friends at the Nevett Fund, Hearty Greetings from Jesu Niketan School, Matigara, INDIA!
I’m sending you Jesu Niketan Report of past six months. CARE prompted Jesu Niketan, Matigara, INDIA to choose “Care for the Concerned” as 2021 theme. Here care involves accompaniment and the-concerned are the little children of Balason River Stonebreakers, Rehabilitated Tuberculosis and Leprosy-patients, Daily-wage Earners and Beggars.
Due to the Pandemic impact the School has been kept closed for more than a year. However, having taken teachers and Parents into confidence a lot of activities were done. Parents were directly involved.
We did necessary reinforcement with the teachers. Plans to involve parents in educating their wards at home were worked out. As most poor parents have no smartphone at home, organizing online-classes for all students was impossible. And students’ learning at home required prepared guidance. So, teachers laboured and prepared special study-notes in Bengali, English and Hindi languages. These were typed, printed and photocopied for each child. By conducting, amid COVID-19 protocol, well-planned and meticulously organized meetings for the education-at-home of Children, the Parents were taken into confidence. Jesu Niketan’s course of action for the kids was set.
Distributions began. These involved dry ration and study-materials. Parents cooperated well and positive vibes began to spread. Care was maintained. Practical issues were aptly dealt with within COVID-19 protocol. Parents’ direct involvement in educating their wards AT HOME helped. Response was very good! Later, in similar fashion, Annual Examinations were conducted. Major subjects’ Question-papers were prepared and given to the parents. They were asked to guide their wards in preparing and writing answers. Students, under their family’s guidance, wrote answers and the parents submitted the answer-scripts. Students’ performances were evaluated. Results were made and students were promoted to upper grades. Graduating class four students were also promoted to class five. Transfer Certificates were given to their parents. They were guided to get their wards admitted in nearby schools. All 29 graduating students have been admitted in various nearby schools.
New 2021 admissions got delayed. Pandemic situations brought laxity. Although we were slow, we were steady. Here too, care for the vulnerable deserved priority. Now, with new admissions, Jesu Niketan’s strength has gone up to 280, 15 more students than that in 2020.
Before the West Bengal Assembly Election 2021 began, we distributed Books for existing and new students. Since then, up to now, no direct dealing with parents is done. Staff ensures that Jesu Niketan Campus CLEANLINESS is maintained.
After this, a meticulously planned Outing for the well-deserving Jesu Niketan Staff enabled us valuable time in North Bengal St Xavier’s College, Rajganj, Jalpaiguri premises and leisure-time at Gajoldoba Teesta River Barrage. Jesu Niketan family had enjoyment to their fill!
Our teachers continue to ensure LIFE in Jesu Niketan . . . !
Together, we celebrated Gandhi Jayanti, Children’s Day, Christmas, New Year, Netaji Day, Republic Day and Bengali New Year Day PRAYERFULLY. As for our campus, Jesu Niketan misses LIVELY children in the premises. . . . yet, LIFE continue to BLOSSOM . . . A new small GARDEN is ALIVE in campus . . . where Flowers bloom. . .! Helper Shankar and Fr Vincent ensure this in campus.
Jesu Niketan Life has MEANING because of YOU, dear Nevett Fund members and all dear BENEFACTORS! I am GRATEFUL to GOD for YOU . . .! Your SACRIFICE does not go waste! Our Children, Staff and self are EVER GRATEFUL to GOD for YOU! THANK YOU for being YOU! THANK YOU for CARING for Us!
Date: May 6th, 2021 Gratefully in Christ, Fr Vincent George, SJ"
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