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Hostel Sponsorship Scheme: How To Get Involved

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

For the last two years we have worked with UK schools and individuals to operate a Hostel Sponsorship Scheme in rural Tamil Nadu – a state in southern India. The hostels, which adjoin the schools, allow children to stay at school all week. The villages where they live being too distant to allow daily travel. Individual pupils are sponsored to allow them to reside free in a hostel.

The sponsored children come from the lowest Caste Dalit community and their parents are nearly all “day labourers”, earning on average £1 a day! The parents know the value of a good education and are keen for their children to better themselves. Education is a proven route to better jobs, better homes, better marriage prospects and the ability to pay for their own children’s education in the future. We see education as the way to break the chains of extreme poverty that lock Dalit families into lives of servitude.

Each sponsored pupil writes three times a year to their sponsor and we encourage letters sent the other way – linking UK students with fellow school children or sponsors living in a completely different environment. This provides opportunities for learning about other cultures, religions, geography, etc.

The cost to sponsor each pupil is only £100 per year. Some schools sponsor several students as they prefer each year group to “adopt” an Indian pupil. Wherever possible sponsors keep the same sponsored pupils each new academic year.

Please view this video about our Hostel Sponsorship Scheme.

Get in touch with Phil at to get involved and find out more!

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