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In Time and with WATER, Everything Changes.

Or so said Leonardo Da Vinci apparently. This quote seemed appropriate when I was thinking about a project we are undertaking in Darjeeling Province.

Project to supply drinking water to a primary school in Matigara, North West Bengal

The Jesuit Nevett has supported Jisu Niketan school for over 4 decades. Our founder Albert Nevett lived and worked in Jesu Ashram, a hospital in Matigara, which sits on the plain below the Himalaya Mountains. The school was established to educate the children of the extremely poor people living in villages on the banks of the Balason River. The school now sits in buildings adjoining the hospital. Many of the children's parents have leprosy or TB and cannot work. Other parents literally break rocks to earn a living!

Recently the Trustees asked the Head-Teacher if he could identify a project in memory of two long serving fund members who have died in recent years. Below is a summary:

The school does not have a clean drinking water supply. The children currently have to visit the hospital next door to collect drinking water. This is disruptive to classroom time and difficult during the monsoon or when extremely hot. (Climate Change is having a dramatic effect in India, with record high temperatures reported this week in Delhi.)

As per this project, a tin-roofed shed would be built at the school to provide shade to children during summer and protection during raining season. Under this tin-roofed shed, we plan to build a concrete structure/platform to place 12 water taps for drinking. The concrete wall on which the water taps will be fixed and the base will be covered with marble slabs and sinks and drainage will be provided. The proposed budget for this project is as follows £1100. ( Yes just £1100 pounds. Money still goes along way in India.)

The Trustees were unanimous in agreeing to meet the full project cost, using money partly donated by St Mary's C of E Primary School, Bitteswell, who have been extremely generous with their support. The project is now nearing completion. We are awaiting an update and photos of the finished scheme will be available soon. Watch this space.

Best wishes, Phil. May 2022.

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