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Updated: Jun 6, 2022

"It is good and I like it very much". So said Amir, a Year 1 student at Jisu Niketan School, after using the new clean drinking water facility recently completed.

As promised here is the update on the successful project:

Project: Construction of Drinking Water Facility at Jisu Niketan School, Matigara

1. The direct beneficiaries of the project are 350 school students, their parents, teachers, co-workers and visitors.

2. Long term impact of the project

1. The project will help the students immensely. It has given an additional, unique identity to the school, with access to fresh, sweet drinking water.

2. It fulfills the longstanding demand of the local people, students, staff and parents. It completes something very essential that was lacking for many years.

3. Anyone entering the school will have easy access to this water supply, within the school premise.

3. Feedback from the beneficiaries:

1. The school children, staff, parents and visitors who frequently visit the school, are extremely thankful to the donors and the school for making this provision available to them.

2. In a special way, the local people are extremely grateful to the donors and school management for making this project possible.

3. Although drinking water supply was available in sufficient quantity, there was no facility to distribute water to so many students in a hygienic way. It was a concern for us for a long time. Now that it has been beautifully set up, there is a sense of fulfilment for the school management and all the beneficiaries.

A plaque was also installed in loving memory of Ms Margaret France and Mr Keith Nevett at the site of the drinking water facility.

I take this opportunity to extend our deep Gratitude to the Jesuit Nevett Fund, UK, for providing us with such a fine drinking water facility for the school children at Jisu Niketan School. Our children are all thrilled to see such a beautiful structure with good running water in abundance at their disposal for drinking purposes. Thereby you have reached out to the least and last in society.

May the Almighty God Bless you abundantly and give you all the Grace needed for your families and organization!

Thank You!

Fr. Julius Kujur, SJ

Jesu Ashram, Matigara.

Many thanks from the committee to all that made this possible.

Site Before. Site After Thank You

Pupils enjoying the new facility.

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